Short menstrual cycle

A Short menstrual cycle denotes is when a woman gets her menstruation in less than 21 days of time. Even though the average length of the cycle is 28 days, many women have their cycles range from 23 to 35 days. Doctors have ruled out that having cycle lengths for less than 28 days but not less than 21 days is abnormal. There are various factors associated with the length of the cycle and it varies among individuals. If you are getting shorter cycle every month, it may be normal as some women experience such cycles because of varied levels of secretion of estrogen.
But if you are getting shorter cycles irregularly or if the cycle is too short that it is less than 21 days, you need to consult your doctor. Girls who are entering their puberty may have short cycles and women who are entering menopause will also get short cycles. But women who are at the child conceiving age should take medical advice immediately as they get irregular periods. You need to track the menstrual cycle every month using a calendar or any other tracking software, so as to determine whether the cycle is shorter for you.
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