Things You Should Know About Cervical Mucus

Cervical mucus is an important factor in a female’s reproductive health. It gives an indication that the woman is about to ovulate. Increased mucus production means that she is ovulating. Cervical mucus is produced to protect the sperm allowing it to fertilize the egg. Mucus also indicates that the female’s body is producing eggs which increases the likelihood of getting pregnant.

The quality and quantity of the mucus produced indicates the stage in the menstrual cycle. A woman should be properly educated on the patterns of her cervical mucus as a guide if she wants to conceive a baby. This will also give the woman a better control on how she handles her own reproductive health.

Since the menstrual cycle of different women is not the same, it is important that she observes the pattern of her own cycle. The pattern will tell the woman that she is primed to have a baby and that an effort to conceive should be made soon. A woman needs to know the consistency and quality of the mucus she produces. A clear mucus much like an egg white indicates that she has eggs waiting to be fertilized. At the start of the cycle there are less mucus produced and there is likelihood that pregnancy can’t occur.

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