Checking the cervical position

Checking the cervical position is possible, as the cervix is the only part of a woman’s uterus that can be felt. The cervix can be considered as being an opening and this opening is the one that allows the sperm to enter the uterus; the cervix is also the opening that allows the fetus to be born, so its role is a highly important one.

The cervix is also the opening that can suggest when a woman is most likely to get pregnant, as it is very soft and wet when the woman is ovulating. Establishing whether your cervical position is a high one or a low one will also help you determine in which period of the menstrual cycle you are and whether or not you are likely to get pregnant.

If you want to check the cervical position, you first have to wash your hands, as the risk of introducing bacteria is very high. The next thing you have to do is to get in a squatting position, as this will allow you to better feel the cervix. Next, introduce two fingers into the vagina and you’ll feel the cervix in its back. If it is wet and soft, then you are ovulating, so the chances of getting pregnant are high.

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