My Fertility Charts Software Overview

Numerous women are having problems getting pregnant, but they want it so much that they are ready to do anything in order to finally succeed in it. Some of the women who are struggling to get pregnant have discovered the My Fertility charts, so let’s have a closer look at My Fertility Charts software in order to better understand what it is and how it can help women who want to get pregnant.

First of all, it is important to mention that a recent study showed that women who use My Fertility Chart software can get pregnant six times faster than the average woman. This is a great number, especially for those women who are having problems. Secondly, it is just as important to know that this product is actually a software that predicts the days when the woman is extremely fertile and the days when she has the best chances of becoming pregnant. This software uses a patent pending prediction algorithm and even though there are gynecologists who think that this is just a big waste of time, it seems that it actually works, at least for most of the women who have used the software until now.

The software uses family planning techniques and helps the woman track the symptoms of her ovulation. Even though there are numerous specialists who don’t agree with the software, the features it has are telling us quite the opposite. My Fertility Charts is based on another software which is an award winning one; it is the Hormonal Forecaster Software, which has features that offer it the ability to predict ovulation. This is what a woman actually needs – the help to establish exactly the days during which her ovulation takes place. Those are the most fertile days of a woman’s cycle and having intercourse during these days means a very high probability of getting pregnant.

Among the software’s features it is recommended to mention the support for cervical mucus levels, the body basal temperature measurements, ovulation test results and even cervix observations. These are all important in tracking the cycle and finding the exact day in which the woman is ovulating. If you want to start using the software, it is recommended to try to first learn as much as possible about it and to read what kind of features it has and how other women feel about it. Nevertheless, it’s a powerful software and helpful when it comes to conceiving a baby.

Short menstrual cycle

A Short menstrual cycle denotes is when a woman gets her menstruation in less than 21 days of time. Even though the average length of the cycle is 28 days, many women have their cycles range from 23 to 35 days. Doctors have ruled out that having cycle lengths for less than 28 days but not less than 21 days is abnormal. There are various factors associated with the length of the cycle and it varies among individuals. If you are getting shorter cycle every month, it may be normal as some women experience such cycles because of varied levels of secretion of estrogen.
But if you are getting shorter cycles irregularly or if the cycle is too short that it is less than 21 days, you need to consult your doctor. Girls who are entering their puberty may have short cycles and women who are entering menopause will also get short cycles. But women who are at the child conceiving age should take medical advice immediately as they get irregular periods. You need to track the menstrual cycle every month using a calendar or any other tracking software, so as to determine whether the cycle is shorter for you.
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Choosing The Right Ovulation Predictor

Wanting to have a baby and waiting for that right time to conceive? Nowadays, there are a number of ways to check your ovulation. An easy and quick way is using an ovulation predictor kit (OPK), which you can choose from two kinds, the urine-based OPK and saliva-based OPK. For the urine-based OPK, it will identify the luteinising hormone (LH) surge that is produced a day or so prior to ovulation. As for the saliva-based OPK, it tests for rising estrogen levels when you’re near ovulation. Both can usually be bought from a drugstore or even online.

Urine-based Ovulation Predictor

To let you know more about the urine-based ovulation predictor, here are some of its pros and cons:

  • convenient (for it can be bought from drugstores or online)
  • mess-free (simple to use by just dropping a sample of your urine)
  • needed to be used only in your mid-cycle not on everyday basis
  • proven to be more accurate compared to charting cervical mucus and basal body temperature
  • more recommended for women whose temperature don’t rise after ovulating
  • it can predict ovulation even just six hours before happening, so you know when to have intercourse


  • it can be expensive, price of sticks as a set may vary
  • it can test for the luteinising hormone (LH) surge that is produced right before your ovulation but it is in no way a confirmation that you’ve actually ovulated
  • you should strictly follow the directions to get accurate results
  • most fertility drugs can invalidate results
  • it’s not recommended for women with irregular menstrual cycles, in using this they should do more than the 5 to 9 predictor sticks for testing daily that’s included in ovulation predictor kits(OPK)
  • it can’t indicate the incidence of the cervical mucus, which is egg-white in texture which should be present to conceive successfully

One popular and highly rated Urine-based Ovulation predictor is Clearblue fertility Monitor.

Saliva-based ovulation predictor

For the saliva-based ovulation predictor, here are some of its pros and cons:

  • lightweight and pocket-sized
  • portable to bring with you anywhere
  • inexpensive, after buying the ferning microscope, no additional materials needed
  • not for everyday use, only in your mid-cycle
  • it can predict ovulation 3-4 days before happening
  • convenient and mess-free


  • it can be difficult to see the ferning patterns for those with poor eyesight
  • after two years of use, you should buy a replacement
  • fertility drugs can invalidate results
  • can’t indicate the cervical mucus

You can also buy saliva-based ovulation predictor from Amazon.

Now given the two kinds of ovulation predictors, some of its pros and cons, you can decide which will best work for you…and hopefully after nine months or so, a baby will be born.

Checking the cervical position

Checking the cervical position is possible, as the cervix is the only part of a woman’s uterus that can be felt. The cervix can be considered as being an opening and this opening is the one that allows the sperm to enter the uterus; the cervix is also the opening that allows the fetus to be born, so its role is a highly important one.

The cervix is also the opening that can suggest when a woman is most likely to get pregnant, as it is very soft and wet when the woman is ovulating. Establishing whether your cervical position is a high one or a low one will also help you determine in which period of the menstrual cycle you are and whether or not you are likely to get pregnant.

If you want to check the cervical position, you first have to wash your hands, as the risk of introducing bacteria is very high. The next thing you have to do is to get in a squatting position, as this will allow you to better feel the cervix. Next, introduce two fingers into the vagina and you’ll feel the cervix in its back. If it is wet and soft, then you are ovulating, so the chances of getting pregnant are high.

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Things You Should Know About Cervical Mucus

Cervical mucus is an important factor in a female’s reproductive health. It gives an indication that the woman is about to ovulate. Increased mucus production means that she is ovulating. Cervical mucus is produced to protect the sperm allowing it to fertilize the egg. Mucus also indicates that the female’s body is producing eggs which increases the likelihood of getting pregnant.

The quality and quantity of the mucus produced indicates the stage in the menstrual cycle. A woman should be properly educated on the patterns of her cervical mucus as a guide if she wants to conceive a baby. This will also give the woman a better control on how she handles her own reproductive health.

Since the menstrual cycle of different women is not the same, it is important that she observes the pattern of her own cycle. The pattern will tell the woman that she is primed to have a baby and that an effort to conceive should be made soon. A woman needs to know the consistency and quality of the mucus she produces. A clear mucus much like an egg white indicates that she has eggs waiting to be fertilized. At the start of the cycle there are less mucus produced and there is likelihood that pregnancy can’t occur.

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Ovulation Symptoms

Some common ovulation symptoms include:

  • changes in basal body temperature
  • more abundant cervical mucus
  • ovulation pain or mittleschmerz
  • increased libido
  • and others

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How to choose the sex of your baby

Do you want to know how to choose the sex of your baby? There are methods that you can use to choose whether you want a baby girl or boy. You should know that this is scientifically possible. Some medical procedures like hormone injections will be dangerous and could harm the mother and baby. So, it’s important to look at natural ways to do this without harming the baby or yourself.

The following are some of the options to consider if you want to know how to choose the sex of your baby:
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Pregnancy Miracle by Lisa Olson Review

The Pregnancy Miracle is a best selling ebook by Lisa Olson, in which Lisa outlines the most innovative, holistic methods of getting pregnant, available today. It helps all types of women in all situations, to conceive healthy baby and maintain a healthy pregnancy. In over 240 pages author reveals her all natural Infertility cure methods, techniques and systematic holistic infertility treatment which she discovered during her 14 years long research.

Reviews about this book are mostly positive and many customers report their wonderful experience of following Lisa’s method. Below is an example of one such review.
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Identifying Ovulation Symptoms


baby_love_smallBearing a child is a dream come true for some women. Yet for some, pregnancy can be a very huge burden.

Ovulation determines a woman’s ability to produce a viable egg cell in order to be pregnant. A woman who ovulates regularly can easily predict the days that will give greater chance for fertilization.

How can you know if you are already ovulating? There are a lot of ovulation symptoms. Although they are just probably or merely positive symptoms, these ovulation symptoms show the possible physical symptoms that will indicate that you are fertile. And what exactly are these symptoms?

Ovulation symptom – Increased amount of our cervical fluid

A lot of women experience this change in their system. These ovulation symptoms will give more lubrication, making it easier and more enjoyable to mate. When ovulation takes place, the cervical mucus is slippery and transparent. When the ovulation stops, you can notice that your secretions become more sticky and cloudy. Some women have reported increased libido or the desire to have sex during these periods.

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